Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Learning to love myself and not give up.

So while I have not been at work this week I have made another page. I have been pinning lots and lots of sketches to use. I have been finding my pages all moving in the same direction of late and I see sketches as a way to make me not do that and think differently. I chose this one!

I loved the hexagons....but as I don't have an Cameo ( which I am hoping will change in the next few weeks) I had to cut out the shapes and the outlines myself.

Here is what I came up with...

I have a few 12 by 12 frames in my room and I am putting this one on the wall permanently to remind myself to breathe and just to learnt to love myself matter how hard the day maybe.

Here are some of the close ups....

These little hexagons were made by myself. I used some children watercolour crayons from work onto the hexagons and then stamped a flower image on. I added some highlights with other colours and a white pen.

Thanks for popping in!

Friday, 24 March 2017

The one with all the hearts and no Cameo....

One of the only things that I regret selling is my Cameo. I sold everything else and was happy to see it all go...but now I am regretting letting this one item go.

I have spent a lot of time looking through galleries over the last few weeks and I have seen an increased presence of pages that have been made using the cameo.

Lots of lovely ideas to use or put away for a rainy day. Just not useable because the cameo has been used for most of the layout.

But one that I kept seeing pop up over and over again was the cameo shape with all the outlined hearts connected together. LOVE THIS!

Knew I wanted to have a go at recreating this. But knew I wouldn't ever be able to get it to be the same. So I opted for just using the hearts as a starting point.

Here is what I came up with....a page about my love for dogs!

Now this was a page that took me an entire day to make and you can guess which part took me all that time huh.

I don't work as many hours now so I have lots of days off to fill up and can't do housework all the time huh.

I cut out lots and lots of these different shaped hearts, and then cut out the centre of them.And just when I thought I wouldn't need anymore...BANG I needed more!

Thanks for popping in!

Monday, 20 March 2017

We love you...

Having a teenager now means that the times that I manage to get a photo is getting rarer and rarer. But if I ask him nicely he will every once in a while let me take a nice photo.

Here is my current favourite photo. And after photographing it I suddenly realised that I didn't add any journaling! I will have to add that after. is the page that I made... and again The photo is fuzzy...I really need to get a proper camera!!!!!

Here are some of the details...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Getting old!

 I have had these frames in my drawer for a few weeks now. Planning out a page that I was going to do with them. I just needed the correct piece of paper to complete the look...And her is the page that I made.

 I didn't realise until afterwards that I had put being forty instead of being over forty. As I am clearly 41 as you can tell by the numbers that I added to the page...I am still blaming my tablets for my muddled brain..not sure how long I can pull that answer off for though lol!!!

The quote I used on the page is ' Don't begrudge growing old. It is a privilege denied to so many...It was this quote that stopped me in my tracks and made me less worried about the wrinkles and the obvious memory loss!!!

 These frames were not expensive. In fact they came from The Range and you get 3 in a pack for £1!!!!

Anyway thanks for stopping by. And I am always thankful for anyone who pops by. Leave a comment. I love visiting scrappy blogs if you have one!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Scrapbooking room...

When I sold all my stuff a few years ago i did hold onto a few bits, but only a few. 

I currently don't have many supplies in fact I actually ran out of pattern paper! I still can't even get my head round the fact that I ran out of pattern paper...but I m moving on with that awful situation and bought some more paper.


A few months ago I bought a desk...which everything fitted in to...then slowly I needed a box and then another box....I will not go on, your all scrapbookers you totally understand huh? Of course you do. Especially as I work in a place that sells such lovely stuff some times!

And then I kind of convinced my husband that as we didn't really use the conservatory ( who does?) I could turn it into a scrapbooking room. It doesn't have any actual heating...but when it is cold I have a portable heater that works just fine. 

Now.... It is a huge room...I don't have a lot of a small amount of stuff in a big room is a bit silly but hey as all of you know it will fill up fairly quickly? OH YES!

I have spent as much time as I can on it , between sitting down ( I have a rheumatic illness...the doctors are still not sure what it is but my whole body hurts most of the time...good thing I have something to do when I need to sit down huh)

Anyway, here is my current room...I am sure it will change and grow over time. My computer is acting funny today and has edited all the photos a bit wouldn't let me change them and I really couldn't motivate myself to go back and re photograph them all again!!! ha!

Here is my drawer unit...

I bought this shelf form B&M for £ was perfect. I loved how it was all on different levels and sizes. And I love how bright and colourful all the different paints make it look.

 This is the other side of the drawer unit.

The boxes hold my scrap paper and card and the top one holds my gems...They are really empty at the moment...but ready for when I have more to put in them.

And well...washi tape has to be on something pretty huh.

The drawers underneath mostly have sewing stuff, material, felt, cross stitching. But the top smaller ones are where all my embellishments go. I scrap by I keep all my embellishments in colour as well. I did this last time I had a room and it worked brilliantly so I just did that same again.

I have a book case next to my drawer unit...which holds lots of different things.

My pattern paper packs...

Some of my paints and bits and pieces for painting.

And who doesn't need pretty feathers on show...never sure how I am ever going to use them...but I found them at work and had to buy them.

We move onto my desk area next...I like where it is so I can see part of the garden...the rest of the garden goes down the side of the house. Sitting here with the doors open in the sunshine as I have been doing today is just wonderful!

My white metal drawers that I got from Ikea...It holds my wooden embellishments and my sticker letter and my thicker like letters.

My cart, that I love that I got from Ikea ages ago...It holds my stickers on the top shelf, middle shelf has stamps and inks etc and the third shelf are my only punches that I held on to when I did my big throw out.

And my is fairly small..smaller than my last one but it does the trick..I have all my pens glues etc on here.

Along the other wall is most of my things that are electronic.

It holds my tv, big shot , printer etc...only thing I hate is the fact that you can see lots of wires.... I bought my big shot from a friend from work the other day.

And here is the rest of my wash tape in a little house thing that I again bought from work....Not entirely practical but it looks pretty...I never threw any of my washi tape away.

Again sorry for the funny colour computer is doing weird things today...I think it needs to be looked at by my husband! I have no idea about computers!

Thanks for looking...

Friday, 10 March 2017

Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters!

Hey little Magpie which is a UK based Scrapbooking shop. They have a Facebook page which they show you inspiration an have challenges. It is called Hey little magpie paper craft and scrapbooking chat and inspiration.

Their challenge this week was to make an interactive scrapbooking page.

I have been off work this week on holiday and I have been setting up my new scrapbooking area. Since the last time I had a room I have moved and now don't have a spare room to take over. But as the weather has improved I have moved myself into the conservatory. Today I scrapbooked with the door open! I can't wait till it is summer and I can scrapbook all day looking at the garden.

Anyway I digress .... I had the time to use my new space and make the page.

Here it is.

I wanted to add lots of memories between me and my sister. She is my best friend. She lives in London at Primrose hill. I love going up to spend the weekend with her and we sit in the cafe and watch for famous people! Playing online scrabble together is a good past time! and a good idea to keep connected to someone who lives away from you.

She is my sister, my best friend and she means the world to me.

The challenge was to put something interactive on the page. I wrote some very embarrassing stuff about us and what we got up to when we were little so hiding it under a piece of card was a good idea.

If I could do this page again I would Make the area under the title darker with some pattern paper! Just to make it pop out more. But it now stuck and there is no way that I am moving vellum!!!!

Anyway. Thanks Hey little Magpie for the challenge.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Being at the gym...

Scrapbooking can be easy sometimes, fun others and sometimes it can be downright frustrating.

Sometimes you can have a page that you love...but you play with it and fiddle with it too much and it just gets away with you. Do you ever have that?

This was one of those pages. 

I loved a sketch.
I took it and tried to make it. Then I loved only part of it. So I kept to that part. Then I didn't like it at all. And then and then and then....and then I gave up.

One thing I learned from it though was that I didn't put enough Gesso on to stop it from making the paper warp.UGH!

Anyway...this is it...I have over done parts and left other parts empty...but I am showing it here anyway, As a reminder that sometimes less is more and sometimes I have to learn to walk away when I think it is done! ha!

And some of the details...

The only good this that came out of this pages is that I used up so many different embellishments and some that I have had in my stash for years and they even made the cut to stay with me when I got rid of everything. So that is a bonus huh?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In the kitchen cupboard....

After a while of making scrapbooking pages, I always get a bit bored and try and do something else for a while.

I have a board on Pinterest that is titled "Pretty things to make" that is where I pin all the pretty things I like other than scrapbooking pages.

I made this for my mum years ago....

It sits on the wall in her Kitchen....I am slightly obsessed with with tea cups and tea pots. I often look in shops for ones that are different.

So in my pinterest board of pretty things I have a lot of illustrations and photos of tea cups...sad I know but there you go.

So After thinking about it for far to long..I made myself sit down and make a teacup canvas that I could keep in my kitchen. This is what I came up with...

I couldn't resist the little tea bags hanging out the edge...tooooooo cute!

The little diamond on the back of the canvas are just pieces of plastic that was left over when I was making a stencil. The black on the top of the yellow cup is actually dark blue.

Because there is always time for a cup of tea and a biscuit! Just mine are Red Bush tea and wheat free biscuits!