Thursday, 23 February 2017

In the Kitchen...

This is one of those layouts that was nearly thrown in the bin. It was one way and then another and then I messed it up and then it was okay and then it wasn't.

It is also a layout that is now not true. I wanted to document my troubles with amy allergy to wheat , which totally disappeared over christmas and up till about a week ago. Then bang as quick as the allergy disappeared it came back again and I am now back to eating horrible free from wheat food.

But I wanted to keep it anyway...mostly because I love the little cup cakes!

I also had trouble photographing this page as well. No matter how many times I did it came out wrong, the colours were wrong...all in all a page that I am pleased is done and put to rest. Even if it is a bit off! So please ignore the weird colours and shadows. But after 20 times at taking the photo ( I kid you not) I just gave up.

Here are some close ups...

So I am off back to my wheat free biscuits and my red bush tea!

1 comment:

  1. Too bad the allergy came back. Allergies are so weird that way. I love this page and those cupcakes are adorable!