Tuesday, 28 February 2017

In the house....

After spending too much time on pinterest...and boards that are now full to the brim with scrapbooking ideas I realised that I had pinned lots of pie chart ideas.

So that is what I went with on this page. Pie charts to section of the different parts in my life...both the good and the really bad.

I try to keep a balance in my life..sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. For example I recently cut my hours down at work to make home life and my medical problems more manageable. But putting it all down like this make me feel another balance needs to happen.

Anyway..enough rambling..Here is the page..Still struggling a bit with photographs and using my iPhone... i really need to find myself a camera!

 and some close ups...

Thursday, 23 February 2017

In the Kitchen...

This is one of those layouts that was nearly thrown in the bin. It was one way and then another and then I messed it up and then it was okay and then it wasn't.

It is also a layout that is now not true. I wanted to document my troubles with amy allergy to wheat , which totally disappeared over christmas and up till about a week ago. Then bang as quick as the allergy disappeared it came back again and I am now back to eating horrible free from wheat food.

But I wanted to keep it anyway...mostly because I love the little cup cakes!

I also had trouble photographing this page as well. No matter how many times I did it came out wrong, the colours were wrong...all in all a page that I am pleased is done and put to rest. Even if it is a bit off! So please ignore the weird colours and shadows. But after 20 times at taking the photo ( I kid you not) I just gave up.

Here are some close ups...

So I am off back to my wheat free biscuits and my red bush tea!

Monday, 20 February 2017

outside in the rain...

I made this layout to go with one of the crop challenges on the Studio Calico Website! The only one that I managed to do as I was really busy at work all weekend.

Last year we owned a springer spaniel called Raffles...for reasons that I will go into on another post we don't have him anymore. But when we did one of my favourite things to do every morning was to go for a really long walk in the forest with him to run off some energy.

Trying to get my son to come on these trips was hard work but he eventually came. And even let me take a photo of him which is very rare these days.

After finding the wooden rain embellishments from Jellybean soup I knew that I finally had what I wanted to do a page about the outing.

This page took much longer than normal as it had a lot of stitching on it....and I don't own a sewing machine.

Here are some close ups of the page...

Loved the little wooden raindrop! so cute!

I am patiently waiting for my LSS has the new American Crafts...I have run out of pattern paper!!! Can you believe that! I really have. Madness I tell you!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Out in the garden...

Not scrapbooking for a while left a huge creative hole in my life. After a while I began to get the creative itch to be creative but didn't really want to start scrapbooking again.

After a while I started to look at paintings on the internet. I can't draw. I used to be an art teacher in a primary school. Now children are very easily pleased so my limited drawing skills were not a problem!!! ha!

But I really want to try some painting, but one that didn't require me to be able to draw. I came upon two artist. One called Yvonne Coomber. Now...wow...I wish I could see one of her paintings in person. They must be amazing. I would have bought a painting of hers but I just can't afford one. £2000 price tag is just out of my price range.

And another artists work that I love is a lady called Anna Perlin. She was a contestant on 'Landscape artist of the year' I found her page on Facebook. She adds lots of material to her paintings which just makes them stand out.

I took inspiration from both of them and have been making my own paintings. Nowhere near as gorgeous and wonderful as theres. But hey...I can splatter painting onto a canvas without any skill!!!! Though my husband was not happy about all the green paint all the way up the wall!.

This now sits above my bed and it makes me smile every single day. 

I love colour. And this just shines through with colour. I have my heart on creating a new one...This time I am thinking of adding some small houses to the skyline...now all I have to figure out is how to paint houses!!!!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Looking through the window....

So after much thinking I decided it was time to re start a blog again. I found after a while of not blogging I missed it! And I really like having a place where all my pages and creating endeavours can be all in one place. I have also started and instagram account just for my work as well which you can find on the side of the blog.
 My son says I am moving into the new age of technology. I did assure him that being 40 wasn't old and I did know how to use a computer!
So without further ado mt page.
 Title is...Please smile! Why is it that teenagers ( yes! how did I became old enough to have a teenager) refuse to smile? Grunt yes...smile...nope 

The inspiration for this page was this photo from the Hobbycraft twitter account...

I loved the top right hand sewing frame...I am a big lover of colour so this really stood out to me.
Here are some close ups

 Also I am now having to edit my photos using different software! still getting used to that!

Supplies used:
Cardstock- Papermania
Stickers- Jellibean soup label stickers summer red raspberry soup
Maggie Holmes - bloom
Wooden words - Jellybean soup
Lettering - AC thickers 
October afternoon 
Heart sticker and enamel dots - no idea...lost the packaging!!!!

Until next time!