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Sunday, 11 February 2018

A unicorn cake!

A little while ago I blogged about making a dummy unicorn cake for can find that post here.

And as the mood struck me to make a scrapbooking page I decided that these were the best photos to use on the page. The colours are so bright and cheery! Sadly the cake was thrown away to make way for the easter cake I had to make for display but it was nice to walk past it at work when I was there and it made me smile!

I kept the unicorn horn and ears as much to how they were on the cake as well.

 Would you believe me if I said that This was the first time for me using actual flowers on a page.
 I have been scrapbooking for over 15 years now, and I have used, punches and flower die cuts but never actual flowers on a page.

I never really did the whole flower prima thing but for this page it just seemed right. May even have to try this again.

Sadly I am leaving my work in a few weeks. The aches and pains in my body have got too much and I am in much less pain when I am not walking on my feet for hours on end. So no more cake making for me. But hoping that means lots of time to create pretty things!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Fairy tales...

When I started moving on from just scrapbooking and spending more and more time on pinterest looking for ideas for things to make, I kept coming across the world of miniatures. And it is a direction that I have been loving. But one of the worlds that keep popping up was the miniature world of fairies.  And after looking and searching for ideas I was totally hooked. I had one of these houses from my work and decided to have a go at making something from that world.

This took me a week to put together and I am really pleased with the end result. What am I going to do with it? No idea. we don't have any little girls in this family. So I think in the end I will sell it, just never sure where to do that!!!!

But for now it sits in my bedroom just looking all pretty.

When I put a scrapbooking page together I always work in sections...complete this bit on the left and then I move onto another section and so on and so on until the page is done. I tend to work in sections so these types of wooden shelves with different sections in works really well for me.

First section is the fairy door, which are really popular at the moment. The trouble is I can't just use pre made things, that take away the fun of it all so I made the door myself out of lollipop sticks. I use them a lot! They are cheap and easy to cut.

After painting it and putting it together I used a knife to scratch along the edges and made it look more realistic.  Add some flowers and some moss and grass and your good to go. The little fairy sign was made from balsa wood. Something that I keep in my collection all the time. The thin stuff is easy to use and fairly cheap.

The little fence I put together again with lollipop sticks. Add some paint and a hot glue gun ( whatever did I do without one of those ) and voila you have a little white picket fence.

The next section was by far the nicest one to make. Who doesn't like a fairy swing.

The base of the swing seat again was made of balsa wood. Just two pieces stuck together and then I added some brown string. To secure it to the roof of that section I added it to a smaller piece of wood and the added that to the roof to make it stable. Added some flowers on the top of the roof to cover up the lollipop stick and the glue and its like it was never there.

I covered the rest of the string in green moss and flowers to make it just that little bit extra.

A fairy cute is this. Again cut out of balsa wood and painted different colours. I just used some black pen to write the labels on the sign posts!
The fairy washing in line was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. So darn cute and easy to make as well.

This little basket was made out of an egg box. Covered in calico and i added some material to make the inside look pretty!! wish my washing basket looked like this one.

And lastly the fairy gate. Again used the lollipop sticks to make the gate and I could resist using those tall sunflowers either. Such a gorgeous colour and perfect for a fairy garden!

Well that is it for now. I am currently working one another one of these five shelf houses. It is for my downstairs bathroom and includes  beach huts, surf boards and a light house!!! I will photograph that and will show here when it is all done! Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Little sisters...

Starting a new blog means you don't have all your creative stuff in one place. I do have an instagram account, but I have always had a blog and wanted to start one again. But you have to add lots of stuff over a period of time and this is what I am hoping to do here.

Here is a page I did a while ago. It is still one of my favourites, more for the colour than anything else.

And here are some close ups...

It's a garden thing....

For christmas I got a gift of money from my mother in law. I spent a while wondering what to spend it on. I have enough scrapbooking supplies that I really couldn't and shouldn't have bought anymore. So I decided to it on more '3d' supplies for me to use over the next year.
I came across Little crafty bugs  and spent nearly all of it there! After a few weeks the project was finally over and this is what I made.

 Not sure what I am going to do with this but for now it is hanging in my craft room!

I made the garden door on this photo using lollipop sticks. Painted them white. And when the paint had dried I scrapped it with a craft knife to make the door look old and scuffed up.
 The wooden crate was also made out of lollipop sticks as well. And the little nails are done with a little drop of silver paint.

 I couldn't find a table to use to sit the watering can on. So I used a loud wooden disk and some matchsticks to create the table and painted it brown.

I also made the fence wall in the photo above and the fence on the photo below.

I just wish this was what my garden actually looked like!

Unicorn scrapbooking.

It has been a while since I made a scrapbooking page. But I got up this morning and decided to create one!

I had the photos of my unicorn cake sitting there and as they were really pretty colours, I thought they would be good ones to start with. ( looking at this now it looks fuzzy but I'm not photographing it again in the rain!!! )

I used the same bits and pieces for the horn and the ears that I used for the cake. I used non edible supplies as they were to be kept after.

And I have to say this is the first time ever that I have used dimensional flowers on a page...and I have been scrapbooking for 15 years.

 I even managed to use something in my stash that I have held onto for years!!!!

I am still typing up my journalling...if you saw my handwriting you would understand. It is totally messy. I really love looking at hand writing on other peoples pages, but when I do it on mine it just looks odd.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Mittens galore!

We had lots of card making supplies at work...and I really wanted to make something with them that wasn't Christmas cards.

So I went with a mitten banner! I used plain white felt for the actual mittens. The white felt was fairly see through so I went with two and used a blanket stitch around the outside.
I did some sparkly felt across the top of each of the mittens!

Here are photos of each other the individual mittens!

Obsessed with Unicorns.

At work we always have a cake on display. I have to say...decorating cakes has never been a 'thing' I have ever thought about doing.

But we don't have a cake decorator in the building to do I was nominated to make a Halloween cake.

Now I don't have a picture of wasn't too bad I don't think but I just forgot to take photos.
But when it was our 1st birthday fast approaching I really wanted to have another try at cake decorating.

After lots of looking around on Pinterest I decided on a Unicorn cake.

Now before I show you this...please be kind. This is only my second time of decorating a cake. And you also have to remember that I can only use what is on sale at work.

I also had to put two cake dummies together to make the cake bigger, but I didn't do that well at not having the join show...still working on that, but as I said this is only my second cake I have ever decorated so I am forgiving myself for any mistakes I have made.

So here it is...

I wanted the horn and the ears to be something that could be I made those out of felt.

I rolled up a piece of felt. Sealed with a hot glue gun and added some gold trim around it. I put a doweling in the middle so it would stick into the cake and keep still.

Again the ears were made out of felt and I added some gold paper to the centre. These were also secured with a small cocktail stick. And I added a very sparkly Number one.

Please ignore the fact that I didn't dust off the corn starch on the front purple flower. That is totally annoying!

Anyway...For my second time at cake decorating and I am fairly pleased with it.